Much has happened since the last version was created in 2012. I still have my own consulting company called Global Aerospace, LLC with far less outside activity and most everything else has changed. I still consult, and will accept invitations to speak at a variety of venues – but not so much on aerospace matters – more on the true nature of the cause of climate change.

I still have a similar illustration on the left as before– which is close to what I had on the cover of my book “Exposure” published in 2012, but now I have two new scientific books and two new scientific papers. The non-fiction part of “Exposure” was that while global warming was real, the cause was not carbon dioxide. Back in 2012 the deniers of the false CO2 theory were less in number than the climate ‘alarmists’. However my latest book will help lead the charge to eliminate the false climate theory; the book title is “FALSE ALARM: the Rise and Fall of the CO2 theory of climate change”.

There are now over a dozen books available on that point out the various fallacies of the CO2 climate theory – but none of these have zeroed in on the heart of the issue – the failure of the Schwarzschild radiation integrations to maintain the CO2 longwave radiation intensity achieved in the surface warming by H2O and CO2. The resultant Planck radiation intensity is severely depleted in the upper atmosphere. The result is the CO2 molecules merely pass their remaining small residual heat to space un-impeded. CO2 has no impact on climate change.

This is well documented in my latest book.  I believe now that “Exposure” will be far more popular than six years ago with the truth emerging.

The combined results of many new authors speaking of the coming cooling, and the scientific proof stated herein are changing world opinion and the truth is being accepted.