My original Global Aerospace effort was furthering the development of the new concept of measuring atmospheric water vapor on commercial aircraft. The measurement of temperature and winds was already proven on commercial aircraft, but water vapor was the third crucial measurement needed for improved weather predictions. My patented air sampler allowed a laser devise to make this crucial measurement with no impact on the performance of the aircraft.  I later invented two other aviation related products and obtained a patent on each. However, neither one was ready for exploitation at that time.

My emphasis then shifted to climate change where I have always had an interest.

Six presentations below are important and listed in reverse chronological order beginning with my last scientific journal article. Previous scientific articles are listed in my CV.

(1)  An updated review about carbon dioxide and climate change. (27 March 2018). Environmental Earth Sciences (2018) 77:262. https//

This is my original 18-page document input to publisher – the official 13 – page copy can be purchased from [The wording is the same in each.]

(2)  Explosive Baroclinic Instability. (June 2014). Journal of Atmospheric Science (JAS).

The article can be obtained from the American Meteorological Society. Herein are 42 slides which summarize the article and contain new material not in the original article.

(3)  Analysis of the SDE/Monte Carlo Approach in studying nonlinear systems. (2015), Lambert Academic Publishing, Saarbrucken, Germany.

The article can be purchased via the publisher Lambert Academic The first 46 pages of 135 pages are available here so that one obtain a sense of the subject without buying the book.

(4)  Atmospheric Turbulence Analysis System: Patent granted July 15, 2008.

I was unable to get GPS manufactures to produce the required “variances” with each transmission. Patent was not continued for financial reasons.  Provided here are 40 slides that provide the concept, the business plan and some mathematical details.

 (5)  Temperature Sensor System for Mobile Platforms: Patent granted January 2, 2007.

SpectraSensors dropped the ball on this project. Wind tunnel tests proved it worked but the company had other priorities and decided not to develop the product. I received compensation for my efforts. What is presented here is the Mobile Temperature Sensor (MTS) Elevator presentation in 13 slides.

 (6)   The Aerial Sampler System patent was granted to me on October 26, 2004.

Its use on commercial aircraft is now operational on Southwest Airlines and UPS aircraft. “The 2nd Generation Water Vapor Sensing System and Benefits of Its Use on Commercial Aircraft for Air carriers and Society” by Fleming and May, March 1, 2004. The complete pdf file by Dr Rex J. Fleming (UCAR) and Dr Randy May (SpectraSensors) is provided here. Profits from sale of the WVSS go to SpectraSensors, but UCAR and I obtain small royalties.