FALSE ALARM: The Rise and Fall of the Carbon Dioxide Theory of Climate Change (2020)

History Publishing Company LLC, Palisades, New York

This 265 page book which gives the unique history of one of the longest scientific misrepresentations in history. The reader is taken on a journey through time as this story unfolds from around 1900 to 2030 and beyond.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is an extremely important molecule for life on Earth and has no impact on climate change! The numerical calculations of the detailed integration of the Schwarzschild equations provide the proof and are well illustrated. The book will explain why the climate does change. Along the journey, the reader will learn about the beginning of the universe, our Milky Way Galaxy, early Earth climate change, the irrigation system of planet Earth and why the atmosphere is so chaotic. There is also a concern about the future and how society must prepare for the inevitable changes that will come.

Analysis of the SDE/Monte Carlo Approach in Studying Nonlinear Systems (2015)

Lambert Academic Publishing (136 pages)

When a dynamic system is forced and dissipative all the trajectories tend toward a bounded set of zero volume – often a strange attractor with a fractal dimension. The power of the combined method is that the time averaged Monte Carlo moments will agree exactly with equations described by the left hand side of the full stochastic dynamic equations set to zero – no closure is required. Every equation expresses an exact relationship among the variables. One is able to delve deeper into the nature of the nonlinear systems. The various nonlinear systems which demonstrate this phenomena, and illustrated in the book are: the Lorenz attractor, the Rössler attractor and those attractors found in Explosive Baroclinic Instability – each of these systems have deterministic equations which are nonlinear and quadratic.  A final example is for a system with a set a nonlinear cubic equations. The theoretical derivation of the stochastic dynamic equations for this nonlinear cubic set is derived and shown to exhibit the same phenomena.

Exposure (2012)

Friesen Press Victoria, BC, Canada (224 pages)

The main characters are entirely fictional. The fictional drama occurs as a fast paced thriller where the hero must outwit criminal and terrorist elements trying to stop him from delivering his final testimony to expose the global warming fraud. There has been a 40-year buildup of hype on the issue with many constituents benefiting professionally and/or financially from the false theory. High drama builds as the debate draws near, and the lives of the hero and his wife are at stake.

The non-fiction is the scientific background of the novel. The main points of the hero which were presented before Congress have since been proven to be true.